Deep Sea Hunter 2 (4962 kb / BerzerkBed)


Newest games

How dare you

How dare you NEW

Launch yourself into the air and smash through anything that gets in your way. Earn money from each attempt and use it to purchase upgrades.

Feed Prumpa

Feed Prumpa NEW

Interact with and remove with objects on the play-field to guide donuts, candy and other food to a farting elephant.

Fishy Waters

Fishy Waters NEW

Your father has been kidnapped by the evil sea monster, you could try to rescue him but first: Fishing Time!



Escape from a world of shadows. You'll need to keep moving to earn lives as you journey through challenging obstacles on each level.

Superbike Racer

Superbike Racer

Race through mountains, deserts and forests and upgrade your bike as you race for the best position in each level.

Forbidden Arms

Forbidden Arms

Slay ninjas in this sword-wielding action game as you discover the mystery of the legendary forbidden sword.