Dr. Lee Fantasy Carnage (3960 kb / Finaluzi)


Newest games

Turbo Rally

Turbo Rally NEW

Race in deserts, snow, mud tracks and road, gain money for finishing and upgrade your cars and buy new cars.

Caribbean Admiral

Caribbean Admiral NEW

Rebuild a powerful fleet and rescue your little pirate sister after she was kidnapped during strange encounter with a powerful ghost ship.

Unfreeze Me 2

Unfreeze Me 2 NEW

Position items on the playfield and guide jets of liquid to the ice-cubes in each level to free the birds frozen within.

Bio Domination

Bio Domination

You have to take over all enemy cells. Use your mouse to send out your units and conquer new cells.

Gulf Defense

Gulf Defense

This is a turret-defense game where you defend oil barrels against waves of enemies. Includes boss fight on the final 31st level.

Crest Breakout

Crest Breakout

Solve all the puzzles in this fun physics game where you must help a chicken to collect all the eggs to get freedom.