10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries In Video Games

Let’s say you’re playing one of your favorite video games. You’re deeply invested in exploring the vast scenery around you when suddenly you hit an invisible wall. Since what seems like the dawn of video games players have been finding ways to get past the boundaries of their favorite games and sometimes what they find can be pretty remarkable.

As sort of a follow-up to my most shocking unfinished areas video, today I’m gonna detail what I consider the top 10 craziest insane things ever found out of bounds in a video game. Dragon Age Inquisition. This player was walking through what seemed like a fairly normal playthrough of Dragon Age. Little did he know that he had somehow skipped a trigger that would have loaded this room and – oh wait don’t …whew… oh wait.

Actually I need you go through that so I can talk about this. So as you can see there’s some sort of really goofy object floating in this room which has been identified by gamers as some sort of floating pie entity with a crudely drawn face and affinity for wearing an enormous top hats. Graham Kelley an environment artist at Bioware revealed in a youtube comment “I hid it under the level, you weren’t supposed to go through it” and explains that it’s part of a series of hidden objects hidden behind barriers in the game that he refers to as Lord of the Pies. Lord of the… Oh yeah that damn book. Well I guess we can just be happy that we can confirm that this was intentional.

I would be scared out of my mind if this guy showed up as a mistake in my code. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. If you climb up and out of bounds on this building weirdly enough you’ll stumble upon this rifle suspended in midair. Strangely enough that gun is only somewhat functional.

Apparently this RPG gun type can be found on most other previous Call of Duty games but not in this one, except here. Supposedly this gun was being played around with in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare but was cut early in development for not fitting in with the game setting. It’s strange though that a gun cut so early in development is still accessible inside the final game as it’s missing most of its sounds and animations but it’s still usable. Normally programmers would just disable an unused weapon type like this but maybe they wanted us to find it? Nah. Horizon Zero Dawn.

First I want to say I love this game. A third-person action-adventure that questions humanity’s confounded navigation of technology while taking down robot dinosaurs in post-civilization Colorado. Dope.

So if you take yourself quite a bit out of the map there’s a mystery sitting here that I still want to figure out. There’s a very mysterious whirlpool just sitting out in the middle of the water where players can’t see. Many players claim they see a glimmer underneath the water implying something maybe underneath there but unfortunately the whirlpool is pretty tightly blocked off by invisible walls so people still haven’t figured this one out. The theory I find most believable is that a bell-mouth spillway exists in Colorado’s Cherry Creek State Park which may be geographically accurate to this location in the game. But let’s get real – we all know something insane’s under there. Why else would the developers program such an unnecessary detail way outside the playable environment like this?

Well, I guess it’s not totally unexpected the detail in this game is pretty amazing. Ape Escape. Ape Escape is usually a pretty nice piece of nostalgia for PlayStation gamers as it was the first game to utilize Sony’s now trademark Dual Shock controller, considered one of the biggest innovations in console history. That has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m about to show you though.

If you were to use this glitch to lift yourself up and out of the map you can get yourself to this out-of-bounds area to an inaccessible highway segment. The strangest part about this is that there’s an unused death trigger here. If this car drives over your ass – boom – dead. So it’s clear at some point the possibility of getting hit by a moving car was intended but abandoned. Maybe that’s because Sony’s not a huge fan of kids getting hit by cars? That’s just my theory.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Now I probably could have just spent this whole video focused on Tony Hawk content. These games are glitchy as hell but a large part of that is clear because the Tony Hawk games were sort of the first to allow for this level of player freedom. Even to this day this level of freedom is relatively unparalleled. I want to show you a simple area that I found recently that I really like.

I don’t believe this area was accessible until THUG PRO because Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 didn’t have the set restart future introduced some Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 but by using the set restart feature you can glitch yourself into this really nice underwater area with these really beautiful animated fish. I’m not even really sure why is this here because I don’t ever remember noticing the fish in the first place. I could probably have done a video of like a hundred details in Tony Hawk games that you didn’t notice – something like that. I know a lot of you are still coming for my Tony Hawk video so if that’s that you may be interested in seeing please let me know in the comments below.

And if you’re enjoying my content please subscribe. Thank you so much guys, your support is amazing! Back to the show. Doom 64. Very similar to the Dragon Age situation these guys were playing a fairly normal game of Doom 64 when this player went to go through the elevator shaft and the elevator wasn’t there. Because he was trapped in this pit thanks to a glitch he was treated to this rather hilarious message: “I suck at making maps.”

Turns out players on Doom2.net had found this texture in the files before and interviewed the developers about its inclusion in the game when they had the chance. “Artists create textures. We create levels. Level have no texture, level tell us so. Basically one of us missed texturing the spot.

Who was it? Probably me. So basically this texture shows up wherever there’s a missing texture in the game as a means of motivation to the programmers to fix it. Strangely enough this is not the first example of this where I talked about a Midway title that accidentally left a really weird out of place placeholder graphic in the game that was meant as a means to motivate the developers into doing their jobs. What was going on over there at Midway?

Resident Evil 4. This is a mystery that’s been around for a little while but it’s recently really picked up speed on the Internet. Players found if you unlock the camera and go far into the distance towards this abandoned building, you’ll find a strange and unusual image of a person.

This one really creeps me out. I don’t understand if this would be a detail or a cut area or I think it’s most likely an easter egg. Some people theorize that this image slightly resembles one of the game developers but I didn’t see an image that looks strikingly similar as far as I could tell. Add it to the list of unsolved gaming mysteries.

Counter Strike. This one is simple but effective. If you noclip your way out of bounds in the Counter-Strike map Dust2 you can find a hidden message dedicated to level designer Justin DeJong who passed during the making of counter-strike. I think this is a really cool and unique way to immortalize somebody’s legacy. Halo 2.

This one used to freak me out as a kid. If you a line a player up with this pillar and knock their body through it by slamming them with a vehicle, occasionally you’ll suddenly be met by a giant, monstrous Master Chief painted across the entire sky. Whoa. There’s actually a pretty logical explanation to this. If you look closely there’s a floating sphere underneath the map. Looking at the background of the map you can notice that the sky is somewhat spherical.

Putting two and two together you can put together that the spherical skybox underneath the map houses the images that makes up the sky. What’s happening here is that for some reason only the bottom of the skybox or rather sky sphere is solid so the player can get a player body into the sky sphere and sit at the bottom of it suddenly projecting the gargantuan body across the sky in realtime. The scale of the Master Chief also gives a sense of scale of how the smaller images inside the sphere are being stretched to cover the entire sky.

Still creeps me the hell out though. Fallout 3 New Vegas. Now this is a serious attention to detail.

On Fallout New Vegas on the level megaton there’s a character named Stockholm acting as a gate guard and watch lookout way in the distance above your head in a spot that you’re never supposed to reach. Let’s see if we can get there… “The more time I spend talking to you, the less I’m spending watching for Raiders. How the hell did you get up here anyway? Another week another video. Thanks again everyone, your support is always amazing.

If you haven’t already please subscribe and also if you’ve ever found anything outside of the bounds of a video game please let me know. This is actually a pretty common thing that happens to all of us where we fall out of the bounds and maybe see something we weren’t supposed to. So please share in the comments, I’d love to do another video like this. Again, let me know your thoughts. Stay tuned!