Spider-Man Old vs New (2000 vs. 2018) (React: Gaming)


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– Are you just playing with me? Oh, oh. You had to use the crocodile. I jumped over. I jumped over that. I jumped over that. Let’s get it, let’s get it! Whoo! – (FBE) This Sunday begins our multigenerational tournament of Pokken, starting with the teens bracket, but if you’re tuning in on Tuesday …

Analysis: The Consequences of Reducing the Skill Gap

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The most significant moment in fighting game history is the Daigo Parry, also known as “Moment 37”. It’s been viewed over 30 million times, featured in multiple documentaries, and, of course, there’s the book about it. There are a lot of reasons why it was such a big deal, but at the core of it, …

10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries In Video Games

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Let’s say you’re playing one of your favorite video games. You’re deeply invested in exploring the vast scenery around you when suddenly you hit an invisible wall. Since what seems like the dawn of video games players have been finding ways to get past the boundaries of their favorite games and sometimes what they find …