Gaming Competition

black chess

Just as I thought, completely speechless. Check m….. Sorry about that Who even plays board games anymore? Anyways, I have a super important case for yourself There’s a case from the Lunchables with a hundred percent fruit juice gaming competition the lead player of Team platypus Ness did not show up this morning his gaming partner Yoshi reported My game with live dealer casinos is great! Ness hasn’t been seen since practice last night or Yoshi says she found his iPhone abandoned in the practice room Yoshi says this is odd because Ness never goes anywhere without his iPhone.

OH, snacks Don’t mind if I do My donut! Team platypus needs a replacement player and that’s gonna be You! You need to snoop around, find Ness and figure out why he’s not there. You messed up my chess game, you ate my donut and now you want me to sit around playing video games all day!

And? There’s no way! I hate video games! It’s not gonna happen.

Oh hi! You must be team platypus replacement player. I’m Yoshi I’m the brains of the team but ever since Ness has been gone there’s kind of been a lack of spirit I’m very disappointed because I thought I was the brain of the team but ever since he’s been gone I just haven’t been thinking very well and it just makes me very disappointed But you know, that’s all okay, because I think that you replacing will be amazing. Hold on So you’re my partner Yeppers!

The one and only number two Yoshi! That’s me. What’s your name? Mario Mario?

Your name is Mario? Uh yes. So team platypus consists of Mario and Yoshi Yep, that’s it Okay, let’s get you into training cuz you have a lot to learn before tonight because there’s gonna be a lot of people Well, well, well it looks like team lame-o-pus got another lame member.

Who’s this? That’s just team Jackolope. Link and Kirby are big bullies. Just ignore them. Hey Mario why don’t you run away and go clean some toilet pipes. I don’t run away, ever.

Why don’t you come say that to me over here Let’s get him! Welcome live viewers. The big Lunchables with one hundred percent fruit juice gaming competition is tonight! Don’t you just love seeing your kids play video games instead of doing something productive like, I don’t know, anything else at all? Let’s go check out our competitors Interesting training exercises.

Don’t forget to press those cheer or boo buttons. I’ll catch up with you guys! I need a nap. If you guys are done here, we need to actually start playing the game! Video games?

I don’t even like video games. What did you just say? What?

Play it! I don’t want to. I said play it!

I only like board games. Have you ever played a video game? Why would I? I’m going home. I thought you said you wouldn’t run away ever How do I play That’s how you win!

Who did you pick? Team Platypus. Boo, team Jackalope all the way. You wish. All you have to do is look around and use the Platypus to pick up the stackers to get the most points.

I don’t know if I can. Wow they’re floating! That’s kind of cool. Oh I got one!

Did you guys hear that? New guys starting to crack. No I heard it too! Is that Ness? Look out!

For what? Kirby! It sent him inside the game!

Long time no see brother! Good job escaping! Oh shush! Aren’t we in a big pixel!

Are you two done? I think so. How do we get you guys out of there? Okay, here’s the plan. Stupid machine, I knew that Puzzler guy’s stuff was gonna be trash!

Puzzler? Who’s the Puzzler? That’s none of your business. Oh I think it is my business. You’re not a real gamer.

Who are you? You’re right, I’m not a gamer. I’m a detective. Detective Donut.

Oh and I know who you are! You’re someone that doesn’t like gaming. You’re someone that wants to shut down the Lunchables with one hundred percent Juice gaming competition. I recognize that pin you’re wearing. You are the announcer! How’d you figure it out?

Kids these days and their video games. Everybody should play board games again! Nobody ever plays games like chess anymore. You’re wrong.

I still play chess. And I didn’t like video games either. Just try it, trust me. Hey, this is actually kind of fun, I think Hey We’re getting out of here I got it! You kids!

When I get you I”m gonna… So you’re a detective? I knew your name wasn’t Mario. Yeah, sorry about that.

Yoshi come on we have got to start practicing. Well, I guess I should be going. Well actually….I mean detective donut. We were wondering would you teach us how to play chess?