Poker Night In America

From the Rivers Property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. Welcome to Poker Night in America. I am your host Chris Hanson.

Tonight we are back at Turning Stone Resort in upstate New York where some of the best poker players in the world. Have all come together to put there skills on display, for you, as we continue day three Jennifer Tilly is, so far the big winner at this game, Matt Russell so far the big loser, but things can swing very quickly in, no limit holdem.  You guys, first card is for the dealer, second card is for the waitress, 50 bucks. Minimum buy-in for this game is $5,000, maximum buy-in is $20,000.

So lets give the dealer the option of picking.  So what if it’s a seven seven He pays both. Why do you say seven seven?

Your his nemesis. Yeah, yeah exactly.  Weird.

One out of 13 times your gonna have to pay and extra 50 and the dealer is gonna.  Only two people in the history of Poker Night in America, have worn scarves at the table as a male. One being Andy Frankenburger and for 50 cents can you name the other?

We don’t need any more fun. Steven McLaughlin. There’s no such thing as having too much fun.  Go to your room. You’ve had enough fun, go to your room.  Frankenberger just took a grand off of me.

  1. I’m not, I’m not.  925, 925.

I’m not playing his silly games.  My silly [LAUGH].  Yeah.

Well done Jennifer, way to hold your ground.  It’s not Frankenburger, it’s Frankenmuth. Gavin already established that.  Frankenmuth.

Frankenmuth.  Frankenmoose.  Is it moose or muth?  Muth.

Moose, from the town.  Muth.  Moose, like with the antlers?

No.  No M-U-T-H.  That’s what I thought, M-U-T-H.  Frankenmuth.  Is it the like, when the horns were in the town, are the same thing.  Oh, Frankenmuth, I love that.

Frankenmuth.  It doesn’t have to make sense Andy.  Let’s make it happen with real money casino ca.

It’s Muth.  All right, Miss Tilly, your wish is our command. He is Frankenmuth.

There, it is official.  Frankenmuth.  Yeah, Frankenmuth.  Yeah, it’s good, right?  Frankenmuth.  It’s definitely one of these win lose, you know, there’s no winning.

[LAUGH]  If I say that’s horrible, it’s mine.  Right.  Whatever.  If I say I loved it, that’s probably my best strategy.

Do you like vermouth? Cuz you usually drink it.  Frankenmuth, that’s so good.

Frankenmuth.  Why is that pronounced Frankenmuth, though?  Because of Hellmuth. It’s like hell-muth. Frankenmuth.  But I’m okay with it.

You guys wanna call me that. If you like it, by all means.  Like Hellmuth.  Whatever.  Frankenmuth.

Yeah, yea. How about, how about this? Minimuth.  Barely a young Hellmuth.  Have you been to Frankenmuth?  I’ve been to Frankenmouth.

You would like it I think if you went there. You would like it.  I very well might like it.  Yeah, yeah.  I might think it’s the worst ever or I might think it’s really cool.  Okay so, five and nine.

So Joe, Joe you owe me 50.  And then.  And I owe 50 there.  9C gives the waitress 50.  Joe you owe me 50.

Everybody checks. Here’s the turn.  Gavin, you have the tip, right?  Wait for me to do the thing.  Five ball.

I don’t like your attitude.  Joe gets the waitress.  Already got it.  750 to bet from DeGeorge. Actions on Shaun Deeb.

It’s all good.  A lot of things going on here. Not only are there shots coming to the table but Joe DeGeorge has top pair.

Richard Roeper has open-ended, and Shaun Deeb has middle pair.  It’s become a drinking event.  It always was a drinking event.  Wait, wait, we have to make a toast.

Like, a, a toast.  Half the table’s not involved. Hold on.  Not that I want to make anybody nervous, but there is a couple thousand dollars worth of technology that you are holding those shots over.

If you, if you wouldn’t mind, at least just pull em back.  What’s a good poker toast?  Here’s a Russian one, [FOREIGN] to the bottom.  To the bottom?

Yeah, you’re drinking to the bottom.  Oh, I’m not, I’m not toasting to Kim Kardashian’s ass.  Here’s to Frankenmuth.

Frankenmuth.  Woohoo.  [FOREIGN] to our health.  Why are we speaking Russian?  Why not?  You’re a show off.

Worst decision we’ve ever made.  Good toast.  Cheers guys.  We’re probably toasting to ah.  This could make you like instantly blind.  That’s not bad at all!

That’s so mild for 67 proof.  Oh my god!  Oh my god!  It doesn’t taste like alcohol.  Tastes like cider.

It tastes like a rabbit fell in the-  I mean I’m not gonna drink them.  Definitely has a bad after taste. [CROSSTALK]  Everybody trying the beer and apparently some people aren’t liking the beer. [CROSSTALK]  Have you ever had cane soda? It’s horrible.

[CROSSTALK]  That’s the champagne, yeah that is that with.  Aces for Frankenmuth.  Oh.

[CROSSTALK]  On a scale of one to a hundred.  -That’s a four.  This is not the worst thing ever.

I do love one thing about this though, when you put a little bit in your mouth and you do this. You can feel it attacking every part of your inside doing. No you can feel it attacking.

You actually can.  Almost like a little army of receptors going off everywhere. And it’s.  There’s no point to allow it in.  It’s still happening. It’s like little mini pop rocks.

[LAUGH]  Someone, someone made this. Receptors, the voices in my head?  Think about that. Find the people who made this.  Who was assigned, like I can get it up to 67. [LAUGH]  This guy, we salute you.

I really feel it.  It’s a deleted scene from Breaking Bad they’re in the meth lab.  Yeah. [LAUGH] This is a left over of the methylamine.  Jessie, this, this batch went bad.

Let’s drink it.  You, they need to cut to an overhead shot and we’re all passed out under the table. [LAUGH]  DeGeorge has shown already tonight at this table, he likes to gamble, and he will with his five-deuce clubs.

And we are heads up with Frankenmuth and DeGeorge.  I’m calling no way.  I kinda like it.  DeGeorge checks, he hits one of his cards. He makes a pair of fives for bottom pair.  Oh I hear it, there’s ringing in my ears now.

It tingles the brain.  Yeah.  That’s your phone.  I wonder if we could do a shot where everybody’s passed out, like.

How high can we get the camera? It’d be really good if we were all under the table, right?  Who’s the biggest lightweight when it comes to alcohol?  Probably Phil.  Phil? Besides Phil.

Phil never, Phil hardly ever drinks. When he drinks he gets like, all happy and boozed up.  Doug?  I’m drinking now, but slower than you’d ever imagine.  Well we already know you’re number one, yeah.  Number one for what?

Least amount of alcohol.  The light weight, biggest lightweight.  The biggest lightweight.  Did my name come up?  Yeah.  Cuz it doesn’t take much to get Phil a buzz.

You’re not eve close to the bottom of it?  Doesn’t take much alcohol to get Phil buzzed.  Oh, I don’t think so. I got a feeling.

You drinkn a lot?  I have in my life.  I mean, dating Jeanie, you kind of have to. [LAUGH]  Oh, my god, dude. I’m dead.  When it was described online, I, I taste what is was saying.

Like the champagne yeast and the ah.  But it like, it really tingles in your brain. Like, your body feels it more than your taste buds.

Yeah.  Like it’s mild for how strong it is. Initially, but I feel like it’s definitely gonna kick your ass behind.  Your body feels it more in your taste buds.

That is one glass of beer that they are drinking.  Good, there’s my future job. I just don’t have the vocabulary that you have.  Wow, DeGeorge just cannot help himself.

He thinks that he has got it here. With bottom pair he calls the two thousand.  Do you think it would be really damaging to put this in one of beer, those bongs?

The beer bongs? [LAUGH]  Yeah.  All in.  All in from Frankenmuth.  Somebody just went all in.

Yeah Frankenburger. He did it subtly and silently.  While we’re having our fun.

It could be the brew talking, we don’t know.  As we wait for DeGeorge, I’m being told that the beer they’re drinking is actually 67% alcohol beer. DeGeorge folds. [LAUGH]  That got expensive for him, to the tune of $6,000.  Frankenmuth, I love it.  Also, that is a different scarf from the scarf he had on yesterday.

Is that a different scarf?  Ah, actually, it’s the same one. I do have the other one at home.  It’s a different style.

Because I believe that a man who brings two scarves to a weekend poker tournament.  In the summer!  Is pretty solid.

More men with scarves when we return. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.  Welcome back to Poker Night in America as we get back to the felt.

Matt Glantz is the master of the tweetle, the Twitter needles.  He’s great at it all. He’s the worse thing I’ve ever find out, have you followed the bad beat billy account at all?  No.  It’s one of the mixed game players, who’s hilarious.  What was wrong with that?

It’s just a twitter account but you have to like know the guy.  Such a nasty word. [LAUGH]  No it’s a good word.

All he does is complain super nice guy, everyone loves playing with him.  Well, because it sounds evil, and I wasn’t being evil.  It’s exactly what is sounds like.  It just sounds worse than what my intent was.  Your intent was to rub it in poor old Joe’s face.  Are you, are you min raising me?

Did you not know I was in the hand? This is not a straddle.  I’m sorry sweetheart.  That’s okay, is that a raise though? You put out three and now you have to make it four right?

He can do whatever he wants.  No he doesn’t. Three-fifty.

Just call.  Three fifty he can make it.  Three fifty alright, excellent.

I hope I have aces here, it’s gonna be awesome.  What’s happening here?  Awwww.  Someone else has it.

Phil Laak making it perfectly clear he’s raising to 1000 with two $500 chips.  Phil has not been as much fun as he normally is today, has he?  No, no.  Punish him, Jennifer.  Nothing fun about that.  We would of had fun with that hand.

Ah I love my hand.  Must have something to do with whether the spaceship.  Roeper throws his fours to the muck.

I have a 350 hand not a $1000 hand so I’m folding.  Back to Russell.  I’m sure it has something to do with-  I had the best hand.

So many other spots.  He calls.  I want my cards back.

I check.  Check in the dark.  And he sets up on the flop. He checked in the dark, which is usually a pretty good sign of weakness.  $1,250.

And Laak bets $1,250. Pretty big raise from Matt Russell to 4875.  Did you think those were quarters.  Oh, [BLEEP].  I think that’s what happened Gavin, he just meant to call.

[LAUGH] I mean I get, this is amazing, cuz, he was floating, too, you know? [LAUGH]  Those are black $100 chips.  Phil, you folded? Oh.

Show the three five of hearts again.  Show the deuce seven.  Or the deuce seven.  That would be the best seven-deuce.  That would be a good seven-duece, yeah.  Better guess, y’all.

Come on.  Set of jacks.  Better guess?  Well!

Thank you, Jennifer.  Jennifer Tilly, ladies and gentlemen.  Jennifer Tilly.  Matt Russell may be getting a little too quick with that raise to 4,800, but I don’t think he was going to get any more money out of Phil Laak anyway.

I’m straddling.  No you were good.  That’s fine with us.  I haven’t touched it.

I mean, I touched it, but I haven’t looked at it.  Probably would’ve paid off a little.  That’s how you go to jail. [LAUGH]  Especially on camera. [CROSSTALK]  But are you betting the river?

No no no. No I would of rolled the river if you bet 10.  575 on the turn, [LAUGH].  Well, looks like everybody is interested in getting involved here. But it is Richard Roeper who is going to up the stakes to 3,800 with his queens.  Wow, what a buzz kill you are.

And Tilly is in the tank.  How much is it?  And flat cane soda, pour it together, and it tastes like that.  I’ve never had cane soda.

Yea, I only tried it once, I won’t have it again.  And Tilly re raises with pocket jacks! Well this should clear out some of the forest.  It’s like a million dollars.  It’s not the worst situation.

Feels, so good.  I’m, I’m folding.  Looks so good.  I’m folding, there’s less likely she has it.  Hey, hey don’t talk out of turn.

Yeah, sorry.  I think everyone knows I do not have a hand here.  I’m just saying.  You know that was good right.  No.

Yes it was. I mean not now but it will be.  Oh.  It was! It was!  I had a king.

One, two, three, five, eight.  Nice hand.  That was a good time to wake up with a hand, all that action. Three call-call-call first family pot.  Kings coming for sure.

I had king queen of clubs. I know a king’s coming here, watch.  I had, I had-  My hand was a-  I had king queen of clubs.  I had king ten of diamonds  Oh there’s no queen coming.  King queen of clubs.

Did anyone have a jack?  What?  I did have a jack.

You folded a jack?  Actually Jennifer, both jacks were folded.  Bam! Of course.  Me and you go all the money in.

K now we need a ten.  What you’d have, ten?  Oh stop it! Four of clubs.  A ten and then I hope you make a set on the river.  Like I said we are going to chop.

Looks like it.  How does it look like it? [LAUGH]  Aces gotta be live.  Oh jackity, jackity. Ah nice hand.

Nice hand.  You shouldn’t fold.  Thank you darling.  Got it in with the best hand and I didn’t suck out on you.  Isn’t that weird.

Yeah.  So weird.  Don’t go anywhere, there’s still plenty more Poker Night in America yet to come. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service, by Poker Night in America. This is Poker Night in America and we’ve got more cash game, right now.  Glantz needled me on day one that Cherish bluffed me on one like, very small pot.

Way to tell me something that will build my confidence. [LAUGH]  Yeah, like my confidence needs any help.  It was first class, right?  I wish I had someone watching the live feed.

Matt Salsberg told me I played horribly a hand against you, by the way.  Oh really? What was that?  Poker Night in America brought to you by 888poker, where the world plays plays online.  The best is that, when, when the 6 peels off.

Kevin instantly like celebrates. Like there’s no way he could have queen jack and he could be drawing dead. No, no possible way. [LAUGH]  Yup.  So an initial raise from Matt Russell with king eight of hearts was called by Phil Laak in his big slick.

Joe DeGeorge calls with suited king nine. And there’s the Shaun Deeb we know, raising the Jack ten of clubs, making it 1200.  I’ll watch a few movies, it will be good.  I know but it would still be nice for a flight that long.  It’s actually a pretty long day of travel, it’s like ah.  It is long.

Oh, am I in the hand? [LAUGH]  Well, we’re about to find out.  Hold on, let’s see. I fold.

Sorry.  Just getting as much TV time as you can.  Good, I can’t believe nobody was hustling me along.  Look at the Deeber. The Deeber told on her.  I don’t wanna lay it down.

Personally, I think that you’ve been a little out of line with your needling today, Shaun.  I didn’t do it enough.  I just thought that, you know, Andy, Andy is obviously a little sensitive, and I didn’t think you had to attack.

Gavin was confused.  We are up to like, our fifth or sixth raise here to 3575 from Phil Laak.  Especially with ti, you know times when you could have been a little upset. Like, when you lost the pot.  Yeah.  He doesn’t need a needle right then, that’s just, I think it’s inappropriate.

You know, I hope Shaun learns from this experience.  I think he did. These kids, you know? [LAUGH]  Oh dear.  I made it low enough so you have implied odds to get my whole stack Deeb. So don’t be shy, you know what I’m saying, you have to at least call.

Who raised more money?  I did, I made it inticing. Normally, I would do, like, 5300 and detice but I’m like, Shaun and I have a little history, so we have to play these pots.

See I knew he’d raise with a 75 at the end.  Alright here we go big hand developing with 7700 dollars in the middle and here’s the flop. Deeb hits his ten, Laak has got a, pretty good draw, he’s got two over cards and the straight draw. And he bets 9000.

Three thirty I think?  The big pots are like moments of silence.  I was a team player I let him know he had-  Fleeting moments.  Yeah, you know that’s fair. Yeah, fleeting moments.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like silent poker.  Silent poker?  No.

All in.  No, not completely.  And then all in from Shaun Deeb.  I call.

And look at this. Oh, my goodness. We are now over $41,000 in this pot.  No way. Out. Ooh.

Ooh.  And gasps and oohs and ahs from everybody at the table. Yeah, that’s how deep these guys are getting with these hands.

It’s really sick that’s what I was thinking.  Got a big pot.  And the turn is a nine so, that takes some outs away from Laak. He loses the King now, cuz that would give Deeb a straight. And the river is a deuce and just like that Shaun Deeb turns jack ten of clubs into a $41,000 win.  Don’t scare me with, I got a hand.

Phil I thought you had a set of queens.  That is a hand.  I thought Shaun said he had a set of tens.  I felt like I had the, I felt like I was great. Well an update of the history books, day two gave Jennifer Tilly the biggest pot, in Poker Night history.

Well, Sean Deeb just eclipsed that now. We’ve gone past the $40,000 mark. And Phil Laak adds another 15,000 to his stack. So he’s back up to around 20,000.  This is for the aces.

This time it’s going to happen.  You’ve tried that already.  Oh this is tip flop also.  Tip flop.

Just the tip flop.  Now you’re straddling. Oh, see, oh. Everything is it’s my fault.

I’ll hold it back next time. I mean you three bet me, but yeah I don’t know.  Oh whatever, I had to.  Dun dun dun.  Dun da duh duh.  Dun dun dun dun dun.

Dun duh duh da duh  Okay I didn’t have you there. Playing four five.  Shaun Deeb with suited jack ten once again, he raises to 300, he gets a call from Jennifer Tilly and a call from Matt Russell. Russell going to try to win with seven deuce. If he does everyone at the table has to give him another hundred bucks on top of whatever he might win from the pot.  I check.

I feel like I’m due for the tip.  What’s happening?  And look at this flop. Matt Russell flops two pair and a flush draw for Jennifer Tilly.  That work for you at CVS when you’re working there.  A thousand is the bet from Tilly.

And Russell can’t believe his luck here.  That’s what I’m saying.  That’s a full shift right there.

Here come Russell.  Right.  You raised to 4,000?

You realize how happy I was in this spot? [LAUGH]  Four thousand is the bet, so, three thousand more if Jennifer Tilly wants to chase the flush.  Yeah, five, almost exactly five left. Yeah, five left. 5,025 left.

CVS was, that was the easy job, the tough job was the paper route.  Paper route?  Paper route was tough. You know why it was tough? The dogs.

Dogs are the worst.  Well.  I like dogs.

Way better than people.  The dogs you don’t know.  You guys smell the same, it’s understandable.  Paper, the paper boy has no recourse.

The postal service can put a sticker on a house saying we could not deliver your mail because of a dangerous dog.  Nine thousand to call.  But the paper boy has, does not have that choice.

They should  They should. If I knew then.  Like 8000 to call. Nice bet, I fold.

And Tilly will fold and here comes an extra 100 bucks from everybody.  This is like.  How do you have it.  It’s not even fair.  Hey we had halves, same team.  Look at the flop.

He had it and he had it.  You knew it.  I’m looking at it and I’m going. Could you really have flopped the [BLEEP]?  Wow, that’s not fair.

Oh, my god.  And get it both ways.  That’s sick.  I think if you flop two pair of 7 deuce, you should have to pay everybody.  Yeah. [CROSSTALK]  We should get a rebate.

That’s outrageous.  That was bull [BLEEP].  That’s how you do it. You win the pot by connecting with two pairs so you win the money. Effortless, with hand strength.

But at the same time, I’d, happy taking it down, you know.  And then 100’s all around.  Yeah.  When we return, find out who’s the biggest winners and losers of the night on Poker Night.

And we’ll find out what got Jennifer Tilly into poker. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.

We still have one more episode to come, here from Turning Stone Day 3, but tonight it was all about Shaun Deeb, patiently waiting for jack ten of cubs, and just like he had thought, that was his opportunity to double up. And he now have 40,000 dollars sitting in front of him. For more from Poker Night in America, log onto or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited live streams.

Also, check out the online store with Poker Night hats, scarves, hoodies, and more. For all of us here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson.  About 15, 20 years ago, my dad gave me a little computer game.

And it was called the Binion’s World Series of Poker. And I played and played for about seven years, and one day, like a little bald man came on screen cartoon and his little cartoon mouth opens and said, “Congratulations, you’ve made it to the second day!” And I was like [SOUND], the second day? I didn’t even know there was a second day! Oh my god! And then of course it made it to the final table, you know, there’s a little cartoon of Doyle Brunson that goes ” Say hello to Mr. Doyle Brunson!”.

And he kinda gives you a look like what are you doing here? And then and one day I won the World Series of Poker. At this point I was dating Phil, and Phil was like poo pooing my accomplishment. Like, I won the main event seven times. He goes all that shows is that you figured out how to beat the computer like you’ve neuro netted the way the computer plays.

So, I wrote down in my little book. I went one day, Phil, I’m gonna go to the real World Series of Poker and I’m gonna win a real bracelet. And then the first year I went to the World Series of Poker I won a bracelet, a gold bracelet. But, I really. I really, really wanted it and, you know, in the heat of it, I got really excited and I said, this is better than winning an Oscar.

But, you know, it’s easy for me to say. I’ve never actually won an Oscar. I’ve been nominated for an Oscar. I went to the big show, but, I didn’t win and, you know, it’s pretty, pretty fantastic.

To win a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker is a pretty amazing feeling. One that I’m trying to replicate sometimes in the future. Everybody who plays poker dreams about winning a gold bracelet.