Spider-Man Old vs New (2000 vs. 2018) (React: Gaming)

– Are you just playing with me? Oh, oh. You had to use the crocodile. I jumped over.

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♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – We’re playing Spider-Man. I’m actually hyped for this. – No way.

Okay, my grandma had the demo disk for this. – (FBE) There have been a number of Spider-Man games going back as far as 1982, but we picked this one because it was the very first 3D Spider-Man game. – Oh wow. As long as it’s not crappy, I’m okay with it. – (FBE) But before we play that game, with a special thanks to Sony for providing us a copy, we’re also gonna have you play this first. – Oh wait, the new one, right?

I’m so– oh, that’s so sick! I have an Xbox. I don’t have a PS4. I was not able to play this game.

– I pre-ordered this game the day it was available to pre-order. I really wasn’t expecting this today. I’m so happy right now.

– I just wanna jump into this. Can we just play this one? – This looks really intense. Very dramatic. – Rhino.

Okay, Rhino’s in this, Vulture’s in this. – (phone buzzing) – (dispatcher) All units, level four mobilization. Location: Fisk Tower.

– Dang. He’s about to suit up. – Oh God. I know I have to click something. Oh okay, I’m good.

– This looks dope so far. – Ah, this looks so nice. Oh, oh God. I’m in this, I’m in this. I’m really in this. – This way.

Okay. Nope. Okay, there we go. That’s better. It’s very hard sometimes to control. – Okay, here we go.

Here’s our first Spider-Man-esque action. – (Spider-Man) Yuri, you okay? – (Yuri) If he makes it out of that building, we’re gonna lose him.

– (Spider-Man) I’m gonna go… – Yeah, kick some ass. – (Yuri) Do your thing. – Yeah.

– (Spider-Man) Heads up. – Yes, do this for me. You take care of it. – I love that sense of humor that he always puts in when he’s fighting. – (Spider-Man) I’ll clear a path. Follow me.

– (officer) Get out of here, Spider-Man. – Oh, I love this. Build focus.

Okay, when you do more damage, you get more focus. Okay. – (Spider-Man) Sorry to break it to you, but you do not got this, buddy. – (officer) What’s Spider-Man doing here?

– Ooh, okay. – (Spider-Man) This is what they call a hostile workplace. – Ha ha, hostile workplace. Oh, I’m about to die. – Focus bar full? “Use focus to heal.

The more focus you have,” Okay. So now I have to hold down to heal? – Okay, here comes the wall climbing. Let’s see if this is good. Okay, feels good. I hope in the future in the game they have a– oh, wall run.

Wow. They literally beat me to it. – And then that. Now I wanna go that way. – Okay, I think I’m just going in circles now. Yeah, here we go.

– (Spider-Man) Is this tech support? I forgot my password. – Oh no.

– Anywhere else? Oh, still alive. Okay, access the computer.

– (Kingpin) Hiding in the server room? – Oh, Kingpin’s in this. This is gonna be interesting. – (Kingpin) You’re still just an ignorant child.

– (Spider-Man) True, but that’s part of my charm, isn’t it? – Big facts. That’s exactly why I feel like he’s so likable, especially to a kid my age. He’s just a young kid like me.

– This is a really cool game. Okay, air launch and oh, hold triangle to yank them. I just yanked him over to me. – (Spider-Man) Settle down. I’ve got enough for everybody.

– Wait, wait. Okay, get up and then pow, pow, pow. – Look at these finishing moves.

– Okay. Okay. Wait, so now I’m going to the actual guy?

Crap. – All right, me versus Fisk. – (Kingpin) I’m surprised you made it this far. – What are you talking about? I’m Spider-Man. – Really?

– He didn’t even fight me like a man. – Oh my God, okay. – I can use the web shooters and then hold onto this and break it. – (Kingpin) What are you doing? – What do you think I’m doing?

It looks like exactly what I’m doing. – (Kingpin) I will destroy you. – Oh, here we go. All right. I’m assuming this is the first boss fight.

– So, like– oh, okay. And I’ll just throw it back at you. Are you serious? You saw what I did with your guns.

– Come here, angry man. – Okay, punch, punch. Dodge, punch, punch. Dodge, punch. No. – He just growled.

Oh wait, did I make it through? – (Kingpin) You know what to do, men. – Oh, dang. I gotta fight all three of them now? Okay, so this is like the second stage of the fight.

– Why do they have to make it so complicated? I gotta dodge him and fight these people? – Oh, I was so smart. – It’s like he never dies. Why won’t he die?

– Ow. His suit’s getting all jacked up. – Oh, that was– it could’ve been bad. – Come on, Spidey.

Don’t be lame. Beat this man down. Beat this man down in midair. – Dang, they’re fighting through the air right now like it’s nothing.

Got him. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna stop there. – I don’t wanna stop. No. – I guess we’ll play the next one. I would sit playing this, but it’s cool.

– There’s so much fog. – The blocky graphics. I can’t even remember the last time I saw something like this. – (Black Cat) I know there’s been some trouble, but the bank’s being robbed and they’ve got hostages. – Why is he just crouched? What?

It’s just weird. – “Follow the Spidey compass.” I love– even the swinging in this one isn’t that bad. It still gets you where you need to go.

– How do I fight? Okay, square. – Oh, what? This thing– oh, okay. Come here. – It’s so weird not being able to control the camera.

That’s something that I don’t miss in old video games. – Ah, there they are. Hi, guys. – This game is playable, but it’s not as I would have hoped, but then again, it is a PS1 game. – At the bank.

Oh, I actually hit somebody with my web. – Spidey sense is tingling. Someone’s about to fight me. All right, that is helpful though. I feel like there’s no way to aim the– what did I just do?

Oh my God. There’s no way to aim– there’s no way to aim the web shooting. – Oh, wow.

I don’t know what– okay, so I’m on a time limit. Okay, I gotta move faster. It’s not my fault Spider-Man’s running this slow. – The attacking isn’t as fluid and it does not make it as fun as before.

– (man) Help. – “Help, Spider-Man. Help me.” These voice actors are really getting into it.

– Graphics are– they’re very– it’s blocky, which makes sense. That’s how a lot of games were in the 2000s, but like… I just feel like they’re super blocky.

– This is so weird and then the sound just stops all of a sudden. There we go. Found the air duct. I feel like I found that by pure luck. – Okay, so I wanna get that and then I wanna get that.

Okay. – It’s hard to look around ’cause there’s no camera movement that you can do yourself. It’s kinda just automatic.

It kinda follows you. – You can’t dodge? You can’t zoom at them? No, no, no, no.

Come on, where’s he at? Where’s he at? In this game, it’s also the standard, like I was saying before with the other one, it’s like a different variation of skills and kills and ways to kill people and stuff. This one, it’s just your typical punch, punch.

I’m done. – Okay, wait. There’s more people though. – (man) Thanks, Spider-Man. – You’re welcome, buddy.

I got you. – Is that it? Please tell me that’s it. – Okay, I guess I go through here, ’cause I haven’t been here yet. More hostages and the bomb.

Okay, I got it. So, should I… – (Spider-Man) Big safe. – Huh. – (man) They’re messing with us. Start the timer on the bomb and take out all the hostages.

– Ah, no, don’t do any of that. – Okay, okay. So I gotta…

It’s chill. We’re gonna take care of this. I don’t know where anybody is. I think there’s a guy in that corner. There we go. – (Spider-Man) The robbers have been taken care of.

– Who said that? Maybe… Okay, I’m gonna do the question mark.

It’ll help me out. – (Spider-Man) Allow me to pick up objects. Think, Spidey, think. – Put it in the safe.

– (Spider-Man) I need to put the bomb in a safe place. – Boom. – Bam. Blow up, blow up. I dare you.

– (Spider-Man) Not this time, guys. – How’d he get out there? He was just in the safe.

He was just closing the safe. – (FBE) So, that’s where I’m gonna stop you. – Yay. Now going back to the original Spider– the other Spider-Man. Let’s go back to it. I’m buying a PS4.

I guess I’m buying one. – Thanks for watching us play Spider-Man on the React Channel. – Miles Morales, out.

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