Why Is A Socialist Begging Corporate America?


President Obama, speaking to the business roundtable, these are CEOs who actually secretly control our government and press, above a pretty much admit said, as he tries to get them to her rain in the people that work for them. I E the republicans his party’s. It is going to be important for all of you. I think, over the next several weeks to understand, what’s at stake and to make sure that you are using your influence whatever or you can too get back to. What’S what used to be called regular order doing things in a way that reflect the genuine messy negotiations and democracy up, but did not promise apocalypse every three months? Isn’T that amazing?

Here’S a present in the United States online gambling usa, basically going above the heads, the republicans going to the real bosses. I think it these guys back in line use your influence. Yes, they’ve got a lotta influence, who have all the money that they give the republican party and, by the way, also the Democratic Party we’ll get to that at the end a and he says, let’s get back to regular order.

Regular order, being you give us the orders and we follow the here’s more from the president. You have never seen in the history of the online gambling United States, the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a a president or a governing party and and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with budget and have Nothing to do with the basically tell the business roundtable come on guys. This is unfair.

Let’S go back to doing things. The way we were doing where you guys would demand something I would give it to you. That was good enough.

It back you asking for so much more and the realities they probably aren’t. I think these are the guys who think that the the Tea Party, guys like the Koch brothers, the center I’ve gotten greedy, like look man, we had a good thing going on. We got the democrats in our pockets to so. Let’S just go back to doing the way things they were. The we were doing.

I think this group with CEOs are, is actually very open to President Obama’s message because it’s not like you represents us or change. He represents them and the regular order of things and that’s what he’s trying to remind them in this speech is really extraordinary. Swatch more as time I was here in the summer I told you once the lights were working that, but I’m usually invested in your success. When you succeed, when you’re doing well, when you’re competitive a global scale, then American do well also, and so we want to be a consistent for with you on a whole range of issues and we have well now that’s the God’s honest truth. President Obama has been a consistent partner with corporate America as as the entire Democratic Party, and he says we are quote, invested in your success. Well, vice versa as well, they invested in you and they’re getting exactly what they wanted the status quo.

You have the big science, a change % um delivered any of that, and they generally love it. Now they will get the Republican Party under hero and they. Whilst the republicans zealots who got even greedy year thing, Obama will give them everything they wanted.

Well, the come back around to taking is john bainer said the last set in negotiations. Ninety-Eight percent know what they wanted. So, yes, that business round table in the republican party will get ninety-eight percent and they’ll love it as they whine and complain about Obama all along but understand. That’S part of their strategy strategy is all my God. Look at socialist Obama. It did you give us 98 percent likely intended all along and by the way washingtonpost.com How democrats can respond when Trump cries socialism.